Core 7 US Advantage

Intuitive. Accessible. Responsive. Affordable. Efficient.

Established in 1998, Core 7 US recognizes the value in understanding what real estate managers need, listening to what they want, and providing a solution to enhance the workflow process. Our dynamic team has developed solutions that successfully decrease costs, increase efficiency and enable users to plan effectively for the future.

Utilizing leading edge cloud computing technology, the WOW! solution is scalable and flexible to the needs of any organization and practices BOMA recommended guidelines on security certified servers (SAAS 70 Type 2 compliant).

It's Easy to Use

We realize that you may not have time for user manuals, so we’ve developed a solution that doesn’t require one (although we have one available for those who prefer it!) With a user-friendly interface and an intuitively structured layout, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you adapt to the application.

Accessible from any Internet Connection, Anywhere in the World

The WOW! web-based application provides the ability to work from any location with an internet connection. Whether you connect through your desktop, laptop or the WOW! Mobile Application, rest assured that you will remain in control, connected, and a part of the workflow process. Go ahead, work from home.

A Core Team in a Dynamic Company

The Core 7 US team is committed to delivering invaluable solutions for our clients. As such, we consistently strive to exceed the expectations of our clients and remain active and responsive to all inquiries. With in-house development and an agile software process, we ensure a fast turnaround to all questions and requests.

No Software to Install, No Licenses to Purchase

There are no license fees, no servers to purchase and no software to install. Your monthly fee includes system upgrades, the WOW! Mobile Application, and unlimited application usage. The one-time setup fee includes data setup or transfer and training to ensure complete preparedness for your “go live” date.

Optimal Performance, Minimal Effort

The Core 7 US solutions span Canada and the United States. Clients report that WOW! has allowed them to increase work efficiency through tools such as automated work order dispatch, communication capabilities and the tenant portal. See for yourself!. See for yourself!